The slots are the protagonists of the current online casinos and it is easy to see why. They are machines that have a very simple way of working; which are very showy for their themes, colors and effects; very fun and dynamic, and with which any casino user can have a good time. We are sure you love them too, that’s why you got here!


Well, we have good news in such a case. Did you know that it is possible to play slots for free? Okay, let’s not throw the bells on the fly, because you can imagine that, if you play for free, you won’t be able to take much money either; But we tell you that, even if you are an experienced user, free slots can interest you, and a lot!


One of the main advantages of free slots is that they do not require registration by the player. Okay, registering is free and usually takes little time, but who wants to have a thousand accounts open in a thousand different establishments that they don’t plan to re-enter? It’s a roll! With these free games you will be able to test casinos and slots without having to commit to them and without having to remember online casino credentials that really do not interest you 먹튀.


Another positive aspect of the free slots is that they allow you to try as many new slots as you want, all of them that are released! So many interesting slots are released each month that it is difficult to try them all without our wallet shaking. The free game mode allows players to try without compromise and without betting real money. By the way, if you are one of those who are dying to try all the new releases, we inform you that in SlotJava we have a section in which we add the slot machines that come to the market every day.


In case you are an inexperienced user, this type of games will allow you to learn how to play. It is true that slot machines do not require great skill on the part of the player, nor much strategy; But the new slots are increasingly including features and mini-games that can become truly chaotic if you have not familiarized with them before. And what better way than taking practice without risking your money?



There are as many types of slots and combinations between these as you can imagine. Machine categories can obey various factors, and here we are going to explain the types of slots that exist based on a few categories.




Drums or rollers are “patterned” ribbons that rotate to match these symbols. Formerly they were metal bands that rotated inside the machine, but now they are just animations that serve to give a little more excitement to the online game .


The most traditional slots have around three reels – never more than five – while the most modern online slots can have up to a dozen. How crazy, isn’t it?


The most common drum numbers are three, five, six, and seven. You can get more information about the number of drums here.




This category obeys the most technical characteristics of the machine, and allows us to distinguish several subtypes of slots:


Classic Slots : Classic machines are those that take you to the physical casinos in Las Vegas – or to your neighborhood bar, in case you live in Spain. They are simpler, have fewer drums, and are also less interactive. That is not necessarily negative, as there are many people who are overwhelmed by other, more complex slots. Classic slots offer you everything you need: excitement, odds of winning a prize, and ease of use.

Video slots: These slots incorporate more complex animations and have video screens in which small cuts, comics or mini-videos are emitted.

3D Slots: This type of slot machine incorporates 3D technology to make the experience as real as possible. The animations in these slots are simply stunning and more like a modern video game than a bar slot machine.



The pay lines – combinations of symbols that allow you to win a player prize – of slot machines are another feature that has evolved over time. The most classic slot machines used to have no more than three or five pay lines, while new releases can have almost a thousand.


However, the most common in these times is that the slots have a few dozen pay lines. With that you should settle, because it really gives you many options.

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