The sink is an integral part of the modern bathroom. Today it is not difficult to buy a sink, as they are presented on the market with a wide variety of models, colors and designs. But this abundance creates a choice problem.

Which sink to buy? Oval, round, or maybe square? What type of mount should you choose? What is the best material? So that these questions do not confuse you, you need to know a few simple rules that will help you to choose a good sink, spending a minimum of time and effort.

Before you buy a sink, determine how much of your bathroom area you are willing to give for it. Also, you need to consider the location of other elements of the bathroom, such as furniture, washing machine, toilet, etc.

Then you should decide on the material used in manufacturing of the sink. And today they can be very diverse: acrylic, ceramics, glass, marble and others. Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel models are very practical, durable, have an attractive appearance, but do not tolerate abrasive detergents and make noise when water gets on their surface.

Ceramic sinks can be made from earthenware or porcelain. The first one is more expensive and has a smoother and less porous surface.

Glass models have a beautiful appearance, look very stylish, but do not tolerate cleaning agents and suffer from salt deposits. Marble models are very beautiful, but they are quite expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

You should also decide on the model. For example, corner sinks are perfect for small spaces, they can save space, but are not very convenient to use. Wall-mounted models are very convenient, they are attached to the wall using special brackets and require decorative masking of the water drainage pipeline. Among all the options, the tulip model favorably distinguishes. Such sinks are installed on a special pedestal, behind which the pipelines are hidden. They also differ in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Another fairly common type of sinks are furniture models, which are designed for built-in installation in special cabinets.

Do not forget that the sink must be in harmony with other plumbing products and bathroom furniture, therefore it is advisable to buy all plumbing equipment from one line. If you want to replace only the sink, then its choice must be made taking into account the shape and design of the rest of the bathroom elements.


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