There’s something deeply disturbing about an era that confuses the concept of advancement using trivial distractions. We are living in an era of Google, internet games, Facebook, Instagram, smart telephones, along with an infinite collection of distractions that prevent us from representing serious troubles. The Cafe Dweller dissects the electronic era in this way as to laptop downloads this, and all us in the procedure, to dumb idiots.

That’s to say, language was stripped of its once proud individuality and decreased to pieces of information essential to adapt the electronic age.

In one of the very troubling statements, the Cafe Dweller acknowledges:”We’ve come to be an extension of this technology we produce. Perhaps you have noticed how individuals text? They’re oblivious to the entire world. We’ve decreased language to its own skeletal cosmetics, which is exactly what technology requires. You’d think with the data explosion now underway that we’d be intellectual giants.

The skeletal remains are the pieces of information we use to browse our smart phones, laptops, the world wide web, and an endless number of programs. If Dostoevsky told me that two isn’t necessarily four, then Georgy goes farther by telling us we are the zero in the denominator of a percent,”We’re the unfortunate zero which exists at the denominator of a fraction. We’re undefined, a most unfortunate event, I give you. As the zero could be perfectly logical and compatible, it may also be left undefined and pointless.”

The electronic era has provided us the delusion of advancement. We now believe that we’re perfectly logical beings, prepared and ready to stand beneath the mountain of advancement. What Georgy is Inform us is that we’re inherently ridiculous creatures. Georgy’s Notes in the Cafe is a compact intellectual evaluation of an era that’s devoid of manifestation; an era that’s too distracted to be aware of the difference between reflection and analysis.

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