I had a dialogue with a potential client now and he asked me if it’s better to hire the contractor and utilize their architect or to hire the architect directly. We do work for customers and we do work for contractors so that I can see both sides of this one. Another question which does not have one correct answer and we ought to discuss it but this is a beginning modern houses.

Broadly speaking, I would advocate that our residential clients hire the architect right instead of hiring them through another party. Clients who want an advocate and someone with experience can really benefit from getting an architect working right for them. We have to respect who holds the deal with us, if it’s the proprietor we operate for the proprietor, if it’s the builder we work for the contractor.

There are quite a couple of delivery approaches for getting projects built (a subject for several more articles ) but a lot of people prefer the aged design-bid-build format. Competitive bidding expects that you’ve got a whole set of strategies and basically necessitates hiring the architect yourself on front end.

Occasionally clients opt to change contractors during the design process or after prices return. If they have hired us, then we simply switch, if we’re working for the contractor it can be messier.

There are a number of instances where the job needs to be fast tracked and that’s an area where employing the contractor to deliver a job with design build may be a faster solution. The contractor can resolve a price and requires less than a completed set to get started.

Some builders have the ability to bundle the architectural prices in their overhead and save on total fee, that is another place to think about hiring their own architect. They may also have the capacity to cut down on fees out of pocket that could be rolled to the building loan.

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